Stupid Network Problems

So let's talk about stupid network problems.  Work today started with a switch failing. Naturally that took awhile to diagnose as some things worked and some things didn't.  It's always fun when you have to start moving around to find the issue.  Anyway, moved some cable to a different switch and managed to bypass what needed to be taken out of service.

The next issue, suddenly, I am unable to log in to see my network folders.  Now I am not on a computer bound to the domain, I just log in to my specific folders to gain access to what I need.  Today, although probably for a couple of days, I was unable to get access to the folders.  I was told my login credentials were wrong or not authorized.  

Here's the part that makes you scratch your head; I was able to use the same credentials to log into Outlook and get my email. I was also able to remote desktop into the server.  So a round of restarts and same boat, no folders. Hunt around finding some solutions pointing to other weirdness, like suddenly Win10 says I don't have internet access when I clearly do.  Oh the fun of chasing the dragon.

So, in the end, here's what I find: Win10 had changed my work network from a private network to a public network.  Now the firewall won't let any of the standard discovery and sharing work properly.  At least that operated as it should.  I'm guessing that the update that I installed 3 days ago is when the private to public flip happened.  Either way, swtich the network back to a private network and there we go, dragon caught, pet, and released.

This is mostly here so that I can remind myself when something similar happens again.

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